Arduino Starter Kit


Arduino Starter Kit

I found a new hobby over the summer of 2018: hardware! I spent a few weekends remembering things like Ohm’s Law while working my way through Arduino’s Starter Kit. I had played around with Raspberry Pis and other microcontrollers in college, but this was the first time I really dug in to understand how everything worked. Here are a few of my favorite projects from the Kit!


The Mood Cue

The idea of this project is to use a servo motor to tell people your mood. It was exhilarating to move something in the physical world with code I’d written!


The Digital Hourglass

This project uses a row of LEDs and a tilt switch to create a fully-functional Arduino hourglass. I love the tilt switch! I want to use it in a million more things! I also have been coding using the Pomodoro Technique lately, so this project actually came in handy.



This project makes anyone a musician! It guides you through setting up a quick keyboard with five notes. Luckily for me, that was just enough to play a very squeaky Seven Nation Army.


The Motorized Pinwheel

This project was the first time I had to use an external power source (in this case a 9V battery) to power my creation! Overall, this wasn’t too hard… once I realized I spent an hour trying to get it to work with the MOSFET transistor in backwards.


The Touchy-Feely Lamp

This project uses aluminum foil and Arduino’s CapacitiveSensor library to create a lamp that uses your body heat to light up. I loved this project because it opened my mind up to the huge number of sensor possibilities!


The Crystal Ball

Last, but certainly not least! In this project, you get to use the very fun LED screen and the tilt switch to craft a homemade crystal ball. I was a huge fan of my Magic 8 Ball growing up, creating one myself was really fun. It was even better when I programmed it to choose errands for me: grocery market, laundry, …