The Arduino Starter Kit

I've been wanting to work on hardware projects for a while now. The only problem was I had no idea where to start! Luckily for me, there are products for people completely new to hardware, like the Arduino Starter Kit. Today, I finally got started and worked through the first 8 projects of the Kit. Quick takeaways:

  1. Ohm's Law! It had been a while (probably since 11th grade), but I was glad to relearn a classic. 
  2. Debugging is certainly not just for software! It was interesting to see how the same techniques could apply to both. 

And, some of my favorite projects so far:


Mood Cue

In this project, you use a servo motor to tell people nearby your mood. I love this idea. I ended up tweaking it (since I was working alone in my air-conditioned apartment) to be a simplified Magic 8 ball without the randomness.

The best part was working with a servo motor! It's empowering to feel like bits of hardware aren't out of my reach.


Keyboard Instrument

In this project, you set up a keyboard capable of four notes. If you tweak this, like I did, you can set up a fifth and play a very squeaky version of Seven Nation Army!


Digital Hourglass

In this project, you use LEDs and a tilt switch to create a breadboard hourglass. I really like this idea since I've been trying out the Pomodoro Technique while coding.  It will be more fun to follow along with my own Arduino project!

Jessica Laughlinarduino