The Arduino Starter Kit Pt 2

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve finished the rest of the Arduino Starter Kit. My only quick takeaway from the last 8 projects is that it’s important to have your MOSFET transistor in the correct way! (It probably goes without saying that it doesn’t work backwards, but this cost me a few hours of frustrated debugging).

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my quick trip into the land of hardware and have started brainstorming my first solo-project. In the meantime, here is a recap of my favorites from the second half:

Motorized Pinwheel

In this project, you connect the motor to a 9V battery and control it with a pushbutton. It was interesting learning how to use a separate power source from the Arduino!


Crystal Ball

This was one of my favorite projects! In this project, you create and program a Crystal Ball with an LED and a tilt switch. I was a very big fan of my Magic 8 Ball growing up, it was fun to make an even cooler version.


Touchy-Feely Lamp

In this project, you use aluminum foil and the CapacitiveSensor library to light up an LED with body heat. This project opened my eyes to the variety of sensors and libraries that are available with the Arduino.

Jessica Laughlin